A'shua Imran (b. 1986) is a Singaporean artist working primarily in the medium of painting and performance. He graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Goldsmiths, UK) in 2014, and has since presented his works in Singapore, The Netherlands, Egypt, U.K. South Africa and Spain.

Currently, Imran is the founder and artistic director of Mural Lingo, a Singapore-registered social enterprise engaged in the arts, education and publishing. He founded the independent platform in 2014 with the primary focus on offering an incubation space where undergraduates and recent graduates can develop their skills and sustain their art practice.

Over the past years, Imran has collaborated with and completed commissions for organisations and institutions such as Google, National University Singapore, Red Cross - Singapore, World Wildlife Fund - Singapore and more. He also participated in a 10 weeks artist-in-residence programme in 2017 at Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since 2014, Imran has given talks and ran workshops in educational institutions such as GEMS World Academy (Singapore), Wits School of Art (Johannesburg, South Africa), and Carmarthen School of Art, (Wales, U.K.). He was also invited as a Mentor to the Young Singaporeans Conference 2018 by Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University Singapore.

He is currently based in Singapore and actively involved in local and international projects as an independent artist and art director.

Written by: Marianne Tan, Art Manager

Photographed by: Jun Tsujioka at Intersections Gallery, Singapore, 2017

Photographed by: Jun Tsujioka at Intersections Gallery, Singapore, 2017

Artist Statement

My exploration with ropes began as a curiosity about the underlying elements of ‘shibari’ performances - an erotic Japanese bondage art form that uses ropes to create geometric patterns that contrast beautifully with the human body’s contours. Practitioners rely on the tensions produced by knotting, tugging and pulling ropes across their partner’s body to foster a palpable connection with them, even where there is no contact between their physical forms. 

The essence of ‘shibari’ hence lies in the delicate trade of submission and dominance, and of the psychological trust and emotional intimacy established between partners. Within such a context, the rope acquires a deeply symbolic meaning of power exchanges; of vulnerability, of strength against exposure, of calm at the edge of risk. As an artist who regularly delves into the performative, I intuitively recognise the potency of non-verbal communication between two individuals: the way the gaze, gestures, movements and momentum operate to create forms of heightened sensuality.

“Le Rouge” was born out of this precise exploration and manifested itself as a series of rope-bound and red-painted canvases. Through the use of the colour red, viewers are invited to experience the enigmatic and otherwise non-visible aspects of human desire. In the spirit of the ‘shibari’ artists who follow a long and tedious process of rope treatment (first boiling it in hot water, then drying, stretching, oiling and burning any loose hairs), I apply the same degree of care and attentiveness towards my art-making. A ritualistic and transmutative process takes place as sensuality assumes a material form.  

Curriculum vitae



2014 | Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore - Goldsmiths College, UK

Professional experiences:

2014 - 2018 | Artistic Director, Mural Lingo, Singapore
2013 - 2014 | Braille transcriber & Illustrator, Association of the Visually Handicapped, Singapore

Selected exhibitions/performances:

2019 | “Backstage”, Stamford Arts Center, Singapore

2018 | “Not the norm”, Goodman Arts Center, Singapore

2018 | "Sunya", Wuwei Series, Your Mother Gallery, Singapore

2018 | "Re:Imagine", Goodman Arts Center, Singapore

2017 | "Becoming", Post-residency exhibition at Bag Factory Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa

2017 | "Performance Art Resource Orchestrator", Intersections Gallery, Singapore

2016 | "Antenna Galaxy - UFO Project", Neon Lights Festival, Font Canning, Singapore

2016 | "Antithesis",  Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2016 | "Qi", Group Exhibition, Telok Kurau Gallery, Singapore

2016 | "Debrief" Exhibition, Canvas Creative Space, Singapore

2016 | "Toride City Urban Development Through Walls", Toride, Japan

2015 | "There is no Box", Pinacotheque de Paris Museum , Singapore

2015 | "Passive Aggressive Bonds", Harbouring New Truth, Marina South Pier, Singapore

2015 | "Easy come, easy go", Latent Space Gallery, Haw Par Villa, Singapore

2014 | "100th Feature exhibition", Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2012| "Now! Serendipity", KERS Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 | "Squares invasion 50 x 50" , INSTINC Gallery, Singapore

2011 | "Found Objects", Praxis Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore 

2011 | "A cartographic desire", Praxis Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, SG

2010 | "Photography Foundation show", Praxis Space, Lasalle College of the Arts

Awards & Grants:

2018 | LifeLong Learning Institute, funding for community project, mural workshops for autistic children, Singapore

2017 | Overseas Sponsorship Programme, 'Art Residency at Johannesburg, South Africa', Yayasan Mendaki, Singapore

2017 | Noise x Matchbox Grant - National Arts Council, 'A Migrant Mural', NUS, Singapore 

2016 | Marketing and Development Grant, NAC, 'ANTITHESIS' Project at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2014 | Matchbox Project Grant, NAC, Performance workshop at School of the Deaf, Singapore

2010 | Mural of the Year Award, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Workshops + Talks:

2018 | "Natural Pigment Making with fruits - Workshop", Goodman Arts Center, Singapore 

2018 | "The Arts and Social entrepreneurship - Artist Talk", (Artist Talk) Goodman Arts Center, Singapore 

2017 | "Visiting Artist Talk" | Wits School of the Arts - Johannesburg, South Africa 

2017 | "Blind drawing workshop" | North-West University - Potchefstroom, South Africa 

2017 | Archifest Mural Workshop (Artistic Direction) | Esplanade Bridge, Singapore

2017 | "Pre-residency Artist Talk", Hotel Vagabond, Singapore 

2016 | "Live drawings of Yoga", The Sanctuary, Koh Phan Gan, Thailand 

2016 | "Artist Talk + workshop  - Performance collaborations", Coleg Sir Gar School of the Art, Carmarthen, Wales, U.K.

2015 | "Geometric automatism", workshop, Affordable Art Fair Autumn - Singapore, 

2015 | "Automatism", workshop, Pinocotheque de Paris Museum, Singapore

Commissions + Collaborations:

2018 | ArtWalk Little India, Artistic Director, Singapore

2018 | Deliveroo Mural Project, Artistic Director & Consultant, Singapore

2017 | "Le Rouge", Window Installation at The Room, Barcelona, Spain

2016 | "CHRISTIAN DADA", Supporting Artist Hajimi Kinoko for Rope Art Installation, Orchard, Singapore

2016 | "Alexandria", Performance collaboration, Rezodanse Studio, Alexandria, Egypt

2016 | "Jerusalem Hills", Performance collaboration Jerusalem, Israel


2017 | Bag Factory Arts, (Visiting Artist Program - 3 Months) Johannesburg, South Africa

Community Projects:

2018 | Temasek Holdings, Community Mural at Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

2018 | Dulwich College Community Mural Project at Casa Raudha center for vulnerable women and children, SG

2018 | Singapore Pools, Corporate Social Responsibility Mural at Children's Society, Singapore

2018 | EDEN Project, Mural paint workshop for autistic children at Eden School, Singapore

2018 | Johnson & Johnson's, Corporate Social Responsibility Mural at MINDS Woodlands Garden School, Singapore

2017 | OCBC - MINDS, Corporate Social Responsibility Mural at MINDS Clinic, Singapore

2017 Dow Jones, Corporate Social Responsibility Mural at Mountbatten Vocational School, Singapore

2017 | 'A Migrant Mural', Collaborative mural with Migrant Workers, National University Singapore

2015 | "Tapestry of life" community mosaic mural, Support Artist to Delia Prvacki, at Marina South Pier MRT, Singapore

2014 | Ludian Earthquake (August 2014), Honorary Consultant , Yunnan China,

2014 | Silent March Project, Performance workshops for School for the Deaf, Singapore 

Selected bibliography & catalogues

2014 | Affordable Art Fair, 100th feature exhibition, fair catalogue pg 17

2012 | Serendipity Duo Show, KERS Gallery, Amsterdam
2011 | INSTINC, Square’s Invasion Exhibition catalogue, pg 3, In’Lakech (Painting), Singapore

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