Antithesis is an experimental project investigating the subject of 'institutional critique', further exploring neo-consumerist culture & the invisible laws of unwanted publicity – taking photographs without someone's permission.


Passive Aggressive Bonds

This one day exhibition was collaboratively organised by MARUAH, a Singapore Human Rights NGO and BRACK to  raise topics of the Freedom of Expression for Project 50/100. The project involved artists using different mediums to address the topic, through the process, aiming to provoke a deeper thinking on Freedom.


Jerusalem Hills

Jerusalem Hills involves a team of artists engaged in a durational performance by spontaneously reacting to each other's actions without any verbal communication. A selected group of international artists were invited to produce a performative work/installation using our shared environment and objects from the daily routine of personal/professional life.


Performance Art Resource Orchestrator

Performance Art Resource Orchestrator is an artists-initiative who promote, research and develop innovative ideas and creative practices through performance art. Our objectives are to connect contemporary art performances with the society showcasing the diversity of ideas and art practices of artists from all over the world. Performances took place around Arab street to engage community and also took inspiration from the heritages.