Performance Art Resource Orchestrator

Performance Art Resource Orchestrator is an artists-initiative who promote, research and develop innovative ideas and creative practices through performance art. Our objectives are to connect contemporary art performances with the society showcasing the diversity of ideas and art practices of artists from all over the world. Performances took place around Arab street to engage community and also took inspiration from the heritages.

Singapore, in its strange conditioned, the way of life has created a society too much for granted, disconnected from basic human realities and reassuring consumerism that the people adopt as a measure of the quality of life. The level of happiness which all our neighbours admire but do not envy the disconnection that we accept as the price we pay. Through the spirit of the arts, a rare exchange created by Singapore and international artists for the audience encountered an out-of-ordinary live art experience.

The event took place from 7 to 9 July and featured 21 performances by critically acclaimed artists from Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Myanmer, Singapore, Taiwan and USA.


Location: Intersections Gallery, Singapore

Year: 2017