Passive Aggressive Bonds

This one day exhibition was collaboratively organised by MARUAH, a Singapore Human Rights NGO and BRACK to raise topics of the Freedom of Expression for Project 50/100. "Freedom Boat: Harbouring New Truths" involved a range of artists using different mediums to address the topic, through the process, aiming to provoke a deeper thinking on Freedom.

For this event, a collaborative performance was directed, investigating the subconscious roles that individuals play as 'aggressors' and 'victims' from a psychological and sociological perspective to understand the reciprocal relationship between individuals and society. 

Collaboration: Jun Tsujioka (Photography), Naaz Sedilix, Alexander Yang

Location: Marina South Pier, Singapore

Year: 2015

“Reality is More Virtual Than Virtual Reality”

“A’shua Imran’s practice is important to us because of its rawness and focus on touch and tactility. In this performance, the arbitrary forms and shapes controlled by Imran’s skill indicate a natural, earth-created mimicry of life’s movements.

Here he continues his practice of using clay from when he was an assistant artist to a master sculptor for a large-scale ceramic mural at Marina South Pier MRT. An entirely improvised collaboration on the rooftop of a ship at Marina South Pier, the viewer is drawn into a strange journey or procession of the movement of a body imprinted through clay and open space, guided or agitated by the sporadic sounds in the background. He says: “Clay signifies a tool to build community. The role of an artist and viewer in a performance is challenged through the invitation of the audience to reconstruct the process of the 'artists'.”