Outdoor mural installation at Johannesburg, South Africa

The work is complete. At over 21 feet high, this becomes one of the largest murals I’ve scaled in the past 7 years of mural painting. I wouldn’t have managed this project without the kind support of the Bag Factory crew, who encouraged me to reach new heights since the beginning of this residency and my amazing Mural Lingo team, who continues our work in Singapore so I can be here to develop my practice. Thanks to all who made this journey possible.

The rope installation in the center forms the map of South Africa, depicting the lingering feelings of the Apartheid regime and the tanks in unified formation shows the resilience of the nation as it progresses towards a new generation without direct physical memories of separation. The tanks in the background was a painting by Italian artist, Carlo Galli, one of the previous visiting artists at the Bag Factory studio. The background red was painted translucently to show traces of previous marks on the wall and engage in a visual dialogue with the artist whom I’ve never met before.

Dear South Africa, this one is for you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. ❤️

Photographed by:  and myself. More documentation of the processes are on Bag factory and my personal Instagram Acc. (@bagfactoryart, @ashuaimran )


Thank you ThuliAyshaLindaLungileAlka Dass ThontonPatrickPebofatsoUshaAsukaDianaJoePhumlani, Asanda, AltheaLukeShaliniYusriSantraXeniaPoojaAndrea and others for offering your support, sharing materials, engaging in conversions & dialogues which helped develop my thought processes and creating space for this idea to take on a physical form.

Onward bound towards 2018.