Antithesis is an experimental project investigating the subject of 'institutional critique', further exploring neo-consumerist culture & the invisible laws of unwanted publicity – taking photographs without someone's permission.

This 'situational happening' was meticulously designed to attract the audience's attention, persuading them to take photos of the performance while a dance troupe engaged the audiences through improvised movements and the use of installation mirrors. The photographers were instructed to take photos of the audience who were taking photos of the performance. The aim here is for the artists to avoid having their photos taken without permission by taking photos of the photographers while using the mirrors of the dancers to their advantage. 

The visitor’s interaction with the performance was one of wonderment and confusion, the deflection of the act of trying to take a photograph of the performance become a game between the  artists and the audience. The contradiction of the project is the approach of the artists who holds a dialogue with the audience by visually and conceptually eluding them. Here, the artists wants not to be remembered, but forgotten.

This site-specific project, commissioned by Affordable Art Fair, was co-directed by Japanese-Singaporean artist, Yuzuru Maeda.

Collaboration: Yuzuru Maeda, Genevieve Loh, Martha Adelia, Mario and Wintang, Mark Chua. Li Shuen, Pei Ern, Liu Pei Ying, Lim Ming Zhi

Location: F1 Pit Building, Singapore

Year: 2016