A'shua Imran (b. 1986) is a multidisciplinary artist from Singapore who works predominately with painting, performance, photography & installationsHe began his studies at LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) and received a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Goldsmiths, UK) in 2014. He was one of the selected artists in INSTINC Gallery's 'Squares Invasion 50x50 Painting Exhibition', AAF's '100th Feature Exhibition', and has presented his works in Singapore, The Netherlands, Thailand, Israel, Egypt & U.K. 

Currently, Imran works as the artistic director of MURAL LINGO, an independent platform dedicated to creating opportunities for artists to practice mural painting in their communities and offers workshops in educational & cultural institutions. He is currently based in Singapore.



Artist Statement

'Anti Thesis' , my current ongoing project, involves a team of artists from various disciplines are invited to collaborate on a durational performance piece. The primary subject matter investigates the 'invisible laws of unwanted publicity', documenting individuals taking photos or videos of the performance. The interdisciplinary project presents the diversified practices of individuals from various cultural and professional background, encouraging new forms of processes and conceptions between the collaborators. The underlying foundation of this series of works is how these individuals were brought together. Over the past year, I had the opportunity to introduce diverse groups of artists from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Italy, U.K, Philippines, Egypt, Sweden, Germany and Israel to work together on durational performative projects. The documentation clearly shows the collaborative qualities between these individuals transcending language and cultural barriers. The outcome of these 'situational happenings' are often in the for of experimental films or a series of photographs.


photographer : Lauren Knaffo, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016

Curriculum vitae


2014 | Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore - Goldsmiths College, UK

Professional experiences:

2015 - 2017 | Artistic Director, MURAL LINGO, Singapore
2014 - 2015 | Art Facilitator, Canvass, Singapore
2013 - 2014 | Braille transcriber & Illustrator, Association of the Visually Handicapped, Singapore

Exhibitions and Performances: f

2017 | Expressions of Hope | Group exhibition, Hotel Vagabond, Singapore

2016 | Antenna Galaxy , UFO Project | Neon Lights, Font Canning, Singapore

2016 | Antithesis | Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2016 | QI | Sculpture show, Telok Kurau Gallery, Singapore

2016 | DEBRIEF | Canvas Creative Space, Singapore

2016 | An Anthology of Yoga | The Sanctuary, Haad Tien, KPG, Thailand

2016 | Toride City Urban Development Through Walls, Toride,Japan

2016 | Alexandria, Rezodanse Studio, Alexandria, Egypt

2016 | Jerusalem Hills, Jerusalem, Israel

2015 | There is no Box, Pinacotheque de Paris Museum , Singapore
2015 | UFO Project | Neon Lights Festival, Fort Canning, Singapore
2015 | Triad, Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, SOULSCAPE, Singapore

2015 | Passive Aggressive Bonds, Harboring New Truth, Singapore

2015 | 49 Zentai, Bedok Reservoir, Singapore
2015 | Yellow Experiment, Canvas Creative Space, Singapore
2015 | Easy come easy go, Latent Space, Haw Par Villa, Singapore

2015 | CHEMISTRY Performance, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2014| Affordable Art Fair 100th Feature exhibition", Singapore

2014 | Anahata Light, Ananda Marga Singapore

2013 | Fractal layers of Infatuation, Ko Phangan, Thailand
2012| Now! Serendipity, KERS Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2011 | Squares invasion 50 x 50 , INSTINC Gallery, Singapore
2011 | Found Objects, Project Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

2011 | A cartographic desire, Project Space, Lasalle College of the Arts, SG

2010 | Photography Foundation show, Project Space, Lasalle College of the Arts

Awards & grants:

2016 | Marketing and Development Grant, NAC, 'ANTITHESIS' Project at Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2014 | Matchbox Project Grant, NAC, Performance workshop at School of the Deaf, Singapore
2013 | 50 Art Friends Award, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

2010 | Mural of the Year Award, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

Artist talks | Workshops | Commissions | Collaborations:

2016 | Artist Talk/ Lecture and workshop on collaborative performances, Coleg Sir gar School of the Art, Carmarthen, Wales, U.K.

2015 | Guest Art Facilitator, The Open Center - Singapore

2015 | Guest Artist at Affordable Art Fair Autumn - Singapore, Workshop on geometry and automatism painting

2015 | Pinocotheque de Paris - Singapore, Workshop on automatism drawing/painting at the Museum's Academic wing

2015 | Studio Assistant, Delia Prvacki, "Tapestry of life" community mosaic mural, at Marina South Pier MRT Station, Singapore

2015 | Mural Artist for "Remy Cointreau" at Changi Cove, Singapore "Plank" mural for Baker & Cook, Singapore

2015 | Lead Artist for Cutural Mural for "Sailor Jerry" at Bar Naked, Club St, Singapore

2014 | Artistic direction, MURAL LINGO PRIVATE LIMITED, Singapore
2014 | Visiting Artist, The Open Center, Resilience & Mindfulness Camp, SG

2014 | Guest Artist, CANVAS-SOULSCAPE Communal wall mural, Sentosa,SG

2014 | Mural Artist & Facilitator, community project for SINGTEL-MINDS school, Singapore

2013 | Artist and project management of Road Safety mural painting for Griffiths Primary School, Singapore
2011 | First stage involvement in Rocher MRT Art Installation project, Singapore

2011 | "Mine" exhibition, Studio Assistant, Delia prvacki, Singapore

Curatorial experiences:

2015 | Silent March Project Showcase , Singapore

2013 | Fractal layers of infatuation, KPG, Thailand

Community Projects:

2014 | Yunnan Province Earthquake (Aug 03) Honorary Consultant , Yunnan China, Creative Workshop,

2014 | Workshops at Casa Raudha, Singapore

2014 | Silent March Project, Performance workshops for School for the Deaf, Singapore

Selected bibliography & catalogues

2014 | Affordable Art Fair, 100th feature exhibition, fair catalogue pg 17, 2012 Serendipity Duo Show, KERS Gallery, Amsterdam
2011 | INSTINC, Square’s Invasion Exhibition catalogue, pg 3, In’Lakech (Painting), Singapore

email: Ashua.imran@gmail.com  |  phone: (+65) 900 567 09